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Polygon composite vs. metal bearings

It’s time to switch. See why.


Polygon composite bearings are made from a custom blend of fiberglass and resin and can be tailored to the properties for your unique application. With the help of Polygon's design engineers, you'll have a highly engineered solution that's customized to your needs.

Compare Polygon to metal

Polygon Composite Metal
Maintenance-free Yes No
Grease-free Yes No
Rust-free Yes No
Thin walls Yes Sometimes

Maintenance-free, grease-free

Unlike metal bearings, Polygon composite bushings are self-lubricating, which means they never need grease to maintain peak performance. And no grease means no downtime for bearing maintenance and longer life for your equipment.

Thin walls, high strength

When space is at a premium, Polygon composite bearings are the perfect fit. Go down to 1.5 mm without sacrificing anything in your strength-to-weight ratio. Achieve unit load limits of 30,000 PSI (207 MPa) with ease.

Rust-free, corrosion-free

Polygon composite bearings will never rust or corrode. So bring on your driest, dustiest, wettest, and most caustic environments – including chemicals. Our composite technology can stand up to it all.

Temperature resistant

Polygon composite bearings can stand up to a wide range of high and low temperatures while maintaining shape and structural integrity: -325° to 325° F (-198° to +163° C)

Why Polygon?


Bring us your toughest applications

Your application isn’t “off the shelf.” Our solution won’t be either. With your needs in mind, we custom engineer each and every tube from concept to completion. But custom doesn’t mean expensive. 70+ years of experience have taught us how to add value, without adding cost.


Put our products to the test. Literally.

Testing is where the difference between Polygon composites and everything else really comes to life. Once your product is made, we test it in our in-house laboratory to your exact tolerances, temperatures, and operating conditions. By the time you install it in your equipment, it’s already proven itself.


Talk to a product expert every single time.

Every member of your Polygon team has the technical knowledge to get into the details of your product. Engineers are at the table early and often, and our collaborative approach makes you a partner from your first call on.

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